Future Fund Student Board

As part of an effort to support public education and organizations within the public schools, one of the Future Fund Student Board’s goals was to help the Woodlands College Park High School’s Marching Band raise enough money to purchase a trailer for moving equipment for performances.

The agreement was that the band would raise as much as possible and the Future Fund Foundation would match the amount raised by the band booster organization. A total of $15000 was raised with the help of Student Board and band member Geoffrey Speelman, Student Board member Colin Stautner, and band member Chris Grijalva.

The Woodlands College Park Band

The Woodlands College Park Band is a young organization that formed in 2005 when College Park High School opened. The College Park Marching Band consists of 210 of the student at College Park High School. The Band is directed by Charlotte Royall, Jeff Gorring, and Adrian Munoz. The Band participates in many competitions each fall, and has received numerous acclamations. The Band has received the highest rating at the University Interscholastic League (UIL) performances each year.

In 2006, the Band placed second at the Lonestar Preview Competition; fifth at the Sam Houston State University Marching Festival; qualified for the finals at the Texas UIL Marching Competition; and ninth at the Houston Bands of America Competition. In 2007, the Band placed fourth at Lonestar Preview; thirteenth at the Houston Band of America (BOA) Competition; and twenty-third at the San Antonio Super Regionals BOA Competition. In 2008 the Band placed eleventh at the UIL Area Marching Band Competition and fourteenth at the San Antonio Super Regionals BOA Competition. In 2009, the Band qualified for a finals position at every competition in which it participated.

All of the top band programs statewide in Texas have trailers to help them move their equipment to and from performances. It is important that College Park has their own trailer as well, but funds were limited and a major fundraiser was needed in order to buy, decorate, and build-out a trailer. The student board convinced the Future Fund Foundation to match all the money raised by the band up to $5000. In addition, an anonymous donor matched the $5000 as well. $ 15000 was raised in less than two months.

Trailor Project

The Student Board Members that took part in helping the band raise money for the trailer are Geoffrey Speelman, Colin Stautner and Chris Grijalva.

  • Geoffrey Speelman is a member of the College Park Band where he plays Alto and Baritone Saxophone. Geoffrey placed first in Region Band Competition and proceded to Area Competition in 2009. Geoffrey received two first place awards and a second place award for essays he wrote for the Texas Music Teacher’s Association (TMTA). The essays have been published by TMTA. Geoffrey placed first in his division in the Conroe ISD Science Fair in 2008. Geoffrey will be a senior College Park.
  •  Colin Stautner is a member of the College Park Varsity Basketball team where he plays Forward and Post. He also played with the Nike Houston Hoops over the summer which was a fully sponsored travel team.
  • Chris Grijalva is a member of the College Park Band where he plays Trombone. Chris is an Eagle Scout Candidate and is a member of the Academy of Science and Technology at College Park where he will be a senior.

The trailer is currently in the process of being decorated and built out and will be put into use for the 2010- 2011 season.